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Commendations in 2012
Research Project Name/Title University/
Research Institute
Accuracy Improvement of Tool Path of Five-Axis Machining Centers Based on Measurement and Compensation of Geometric Deviations Shintaro Tone NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION
Fast Estimation Method of Machinable Area of Workpiece Surface for 3+2 Axis Control Machining using Graphics Device -Visualization Algorithm of Machinable Area and Minimum Shank Length with Texture Projection Technique- Yuki Yamauchi KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES,INC.
Development of cutting tool using functionally graded material -Effect of layer angle control on fracture resistance- Masato Okada
Assistant Professor
Kanazawa University
Improvement of Auto-Tuning for Stage Positioning with Feedback Error Learning Control Yukinori Nakamura
Assistant Professor
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Development of CAPP System for Multi-Tasking Machine Tool Daichi Hamada
Planning Department Mechanical Engineer
Artec Corporation
Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Control Semi Finishing by Use of Square End Mill Noriyuki Natsume
Multiple Exchanges of Job Orders for No-Buffer Job Shop Scheduling Problem Takehiro Hayasaka
Technical Assistance
Nagoya University
Contouring Controller Design Based on Iterative Contour Error Estimation for Three-Dimensional Machining Abd El Khalick M.Ahmad
Graduate Student
Toyohashi University of Technology
Electric Power Consumption of Feed Drive System in NC Machine Tools Akio Hayashi
Graduate Student
Kobe University
Computer-Aided Operation Planning for an Actual Machine Tool Based on Updatable Machining Database and Database-Oriented Planning Algorithm Shingi Igari
Graduate Student
Hokkaido University
Investigation and Improving Method of Two Axes Synchronous Accuracy of Plate Pivot Control with a Dual Arm Robot by Estimating Ball Rolling Motion on the Plate Wu Wei
Graduate Student
Doshisya University
Possibility of Recycling of Amine-Free Water-Soluble Coolants Takuya Kodani
Graduate Student
Okayama University
Experimental verification and modeling of high-efficiency operation in lubricated ultrasonic motors Qiu Wei
Graduate Student
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Residual Stress and Deformation After Finishing of a Shell Structure Fabricated by Direct Metal Lamination Using Arc Discharge Takeyuki Abe
Graduate Student
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

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