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Research Institute
Study on Evaluation of Cutting Performance with Ball End Milling for Inclined Surface Using 3D-CAD(Proposal of Cutting Method with High Efficiency and High Accuracy Based on Cutting Mechanism and Cutting Performance) Tsuyoshi Fujita
Assistant Professor
Yonago National College of Technology
Super-smooth finishing of diamond turned hard X-ray molding dies by combined fluid jet and bonnet polishing Beaucamp,Anthony
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow
Chubu University
Elasto Hydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of CMP Process with Consideration of Micro Asperity Contact of Polishing Pad Yohei Hashimoto
Nagoya Unibersity
Crater and flank wear resistance of cutting tools having micro textured surfaces Tatsuya Sugihara
Assistant Professor
Osaka University
Analytical Approach for Optimization of Chamfered Cutting Tool Preparation Considering Built-Up Edge Extrusion Behavior Hiroki Kiyota
Graduate Student
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Development of UV-truing technology for diamond grit-arranged block Takeshi Sakamoto
Technical Staff
Kumamoto University
Machining Characteristics of Insulating AIN Ceramics by Micro EDM Kensei Kaneko
Assistant Professor
Nagaoka National College of Technology
Influence of Motion Error of Feed Drive Systems onto Machined Surface Generated by Ball End-mill Yuki Sato
Kobe University
Non-contact measurement of spindle stiffness by using magnetic loading device Shinya Ikenaga SUMITOMO ELECTRIC HARDMETAL CORP.
Fast Simulation Algorithm of Voxel Representation Method for Multi Axis Control Machining -Geometric Representation and Collision Detection Considering the Architecture of Graphics Hardware- Yoshitaka Tsuchitana
Okaya Seiritsu Engineering CO.,LTD
Quality Judgment of a Machined Surface with a Ball End Mill Based on Statistical Pattern Recognition Ken Okamoto NISSIN KOGYO CO.,LTD
Atomic-scale flattening mechanism of 4H-SiC(0001) in plasma assisted polishing Deng Hui
Doctoral Course Student
Osaka University
Effect of Finish Cutting on the Mechanical Property of the Enhanced Layer Made by Frictional Stir Burnishing Yuusuke Yamada
Master course student
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Cutting Edge Sharpening of CVD Diamond Film Coated Carbide Tool by UV-Assisted Polishing and Evaluation of Cutting Performance Daisuke Ishimaru Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Proposal of an Eigen-strain Estimation for Determination of Residual Stresses Considering the Influence of Inelastic Strains by Machining or Heating Masaru Ogawa
Research Associate
Yokohama National University
Development of a System for Measuring the Thickness of Free Curved Plates -Measurement Posture Planning Using C-Space- Yurie Okugawa
Doctoral Level Section
Kanazawa University


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