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Multiple Exchanges of Job Orders for No Buffer Job Shop Scheduling Problem (Identification of Jobs to be Changed on Gantt Chart Takehiro Hayasaka
Graduate student
Nagoya University
Influence of the Excitation Force Amplitude on Vibration Characteristics of Linear Rolling Bearing Yasunori Sakai
Graduate student
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shape Adaptive Grinding of CVD Silicon Carbide Beaucamp Anthony
Kyoto University
Analysis of Measured Friction of Rolling Balls in Raceway Grooves Atsuko Sayama DENSO Corporation
A curvature optimal sharp corner smoothing algorithm for high-speed feed motion generation of NC systems along linear tool paths Sencer Burak
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
Measurement of probe-stylus sphere diameter for micro-CMM based on spectral fingerprint of whispering gallery modes Masaki Michihata
Assistant Professor
Tokyo University
Development of Collision Check Method with Lower Calculation Cost for Tool Path Generation -Application of Cutting Point Dependent Refinement of Progressive Mesh- Ryota Kito Nakamura-tome Precision Industry Co.,Ltd
Workpiece setup simulation based on machinable space of five-axis machining centers Mohammad Mi'radj Isnaini
Graduate student
Kobe University
Drill fracture detection by integrating disturbance observer and rotational digital filter Ryo Koike
Graduate student
Keio University
Influence of Tool Shape and Coating Type on Machined Surface Quality in Face Milling of CFRP Tatsuya Furuki
Graduate student
Doshisya University
100-MHz Ultrasonic Linear Array Transducers Based on Polyurea-Film Marie Tabaru
Associate professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Surface texture assessment of ultra-precision machined parts based on laxer speckle pattern analysis Motochika Shimizu Hitachi, Ltd.
FEM Simulation on the Effect of Cutting Parameters in the Driven Rotary Cutting Wataru Takahashi Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Design of motion accuracy measurement device with three displacement sensors for machine tool and comparison of its setting method Masashi Yamaji Mitutoyo Corporation
Tuning Methods of a Smith Predictor for Pneumatic Anti-Vibration Apparatuses Yukinori Nakamura
Assistant Professor
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


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