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Research Institute
Development of a high-performance chip-guiding turning process -tool design and chip flow control- Tomoya Aoki
Graduate student
Nagoya University
Frictional stir burnishing on double helical path to satisfy both high hardness and compressive residual stress Yoshimasa Takada NIKKISO CO.,LTD
Suppression of tool wear by extremely short-duration cutting Yuki Terasaka MITSUBISHI HITACHI POWER SYSTEMS,LTD.
Influences of Geometric and Dynamic Synchronous Errors onto Machined Surface in 5-axis Machining Center Shogo Hasegawa
Graduate student
Kobe University
Mechanism for changes in cutting forces for down-milling of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminates : Modeling and experimentation Satoru Maegawa
Assistant Professor
Tottori University
Mirror Surface Finishing of Hardened Die Steel by High-Power Ultrasonic Elliptical Vibration Cutting Hongjin Jung
Graduate student
Nagoya University
Nano-positioning system using self-sensing function of giant magnetostrictive actuator Yuki Tamura
Graduate student
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Study on Design Method of Absorber for Controlling Chatter Vibration in Thin Palate Machining Koji Utsumi Hitachi, Ltd.
Evaluation of dynamic stiffness of machine tool spindle by non-contact excitation tests Shota Tsujimoto Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd
Prediction of thickness and height of burr based on burr formation mechanisms in end milling Kruy Sothea
Institute of Technology of Cambodia
Noncontact electrostatic force microscopy for surface profile measurement of insulating materials Shigeaki Goto
Graduate student
Tohoku University
Proposal of machining features for CAPP system for multi-tasking machine tools Akira Ueno OMRON SWITCH&DEVICES Corporation
Research on Molding Conditions in Micro Injection Molding using Laminated Tool Ryuichirou Fujieda Nippon Builcon Corporation
Cutting Force Prediction in Hypoid Gear Machining Shinichi Shiraishi Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Influence of High-Cycle Fatigue on Crater Wear Characteristics of Cemented Carbide Tool Song Xiaoqi
Graduate student
Chuo University

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